• Urological

    Urological area explores a wide range of clinical conditions associated with a breach in the work of the genitourinary system. The urological sphere is an important area of medicine, which needs special attention from the patient.

    The urologist is the doctor who specializes in diagnosing and treating various diseases of the male and female urinary system. State Medical Center “KAF International hospital includes doctors with a big experience which are attentive to each patient. The most modern diagnostic equipment and highly skilled staff allows you to accurately determine the reason of the desease, to.

    Reasons for contacting with a urologist. Urologist consultation is necessary if the following symptoms are found:

    • problems with urination;
    • change the color, smell, volume of urine;
    • the presence of secretions;
    • burning and itching; pain or discomfort (the underbelly, in the field of loin and genitals and perineum, groin);
    • any visible changes of the seed (men);
    • injury of the urinary organs.

    Services Medical Center urologist KAF International hospital

    Urologist’s consultation

    We guarantee comfortable treatment, trust and the pleasant atmosphere. According to the results of examination and interview, the doctor will determine the exact of analyses and research that need to be assigned to clarify the diagnosis and the purpose of treatment.

  • Gynecology

    Gynecology is studying diseases which are typical to women’s body. Doctor-gynecologist, observe the condition of female genital organs, also decides  about prophylaxis of possible complications.

    Gynecology specialists can offer the following services:

    • diagnosis of gynecological diseases;
    • diagnosis and treatment of menopause;
    • pregnancy consultation;
    • various methods of treatment of benign diseases.

    High professionalism of our specialists will help you accurately diagnose diseases, to offer effective treatment the best preparations and provide comfortable conditions of stay in the clinic.

    To prevent coming to the doctor should be not less than once in six months. If you have, a chronic disease is present or the individual characteristics of the organism require monitoring-control specialists can be assigned more often. Medical Center «KAF International hospital invites women of any age to take diagnostic by highly qualified doctors. You don’t have to spend hours waiting in the hallway-the doctor will take you to the exactly fixed time.

  • Ultrasonography

    Ultrasonography (ultrasound) is the research of organs by using sound waves. Ultrasonic method is easy and available method, which has no contraindications. In diagnostic purposes an Ultrasonographyis used to detect diseases of the abdominal cavity and pelvic kidney, thyroid, mammary glands, heart, blood vessels, obstetric and pediatric practice. Also the Ultrasonography is applied as a method of diagnosis of emergency conditions requiring surgical intervention, such as cholecystitis, pancreatitis, pulmonary vessels and other conditions. At our clinic you can do 4 d ultrasound, which recogniz the safest and informative way to research womb fetus. You can make ultrasonography diagnosis 3 times during you pregnancy, because the procedure is safe. It does not harm mother and child, so you can use it without any doubts.

    The recommended term of Ultrasonography is from 10 weeks till 38 weeks. One the 18-20 week, the doctor tells gender of your kid. 3D+4D diagnosis differs from previous technologies with three-dimensional image which includes  sound, movement and time. So you can watch in real time your child, even when he is in the womb.

  • Otolaryngology

    Otolaryngologist is a doctor who specializes in diseases of the throat, nose and ear organs. The symptoms in which otolaryngologist consultation is needed:

    • the hoarseness;
    • the problem with swallowing;
    • sore throat;
    • nasal congestion; runny nose;
    • pain, itching of the skin;
    • ear pain, bleeding, suppuration of the ear cavity;
    • ear, nose and throat traumas;
    • alleviating hearing, noise and ringing in your head;
    • dizziness and imbalance;
    • headaches;
    • lymph nodes increasing.
  • Vascular Surgery

    Vascular Surgery is the part of medicine, by which you can identify blood diseases, and lymphatic vessels, same time you can select methods of prevention to avoid diseases.

    Vascular surgeon-expert is a doctor who use the methods of minimally invasive therapy.

    Specialist medical center “KAF International hospital” will offer you vein treatment with using bio glue. Preliminary consultation of phlebologist ultrasonography needed for a doctor to investigate status of your blood vessels. There is no recovery period. The Visual effect is instantaneous. Vascular signs are disappear completely and forever. Biological gene is a natural product natural therefore you will not allergic reactions. The procedure is painless, with high level of comfort and safety, also is close to human body temperature. No need  require anesthesia. Not formed hemorrhage, also do not  damaged skin that often occurs when you use thermal endovenous methods.

  • Therapy

    Therapist- is the doctor who can make diagnosis, identify the causes of diseases, suggest ways of treatment and choose prevention. The therapist treats a wide range of internal diseases-gastrointestinal tract, respiratory cardiovascular system and nervous systems.

    Medical consultation is needed when the slightest manifestation of the disease:

    • cough and runny nose;
    • violation of general well-being;
    • change in blood pressure; chronic fatigue;
    • neurological problems;
    • diseases of internal organs; diseases of the blood.

    Upon detection of health problems, consult a therapist and, on the basis of the obtained results, schedule visits to relevant professionals. Medical Center «KAF International»  can help you to find an individual approach to each patient and be sure that professional advice take a lot of time.

  • Surgery

    Surgery is the part of medicine, which studies chronic and acute diseases of different nature and their elimination by operable interference.

    The sympthoms in which consultation is needed :

    • no reason pain;
    • in the presence of impurity of blood in the urine or fecal masses;
    • in the formation of tumors, body warts and similar entities, without apparent cause.
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